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the development of a fundamentally new musical dimension

Barbara Dennerlein &
Philharmonic Orchestra

Barbara Dennerlein,
assuming the role of organist,
composer, musical consultant, and independent producer, presents this remarkable project, bringing together an

        organ jazz trio
        with a philhar-
    monic orchestra.
This live CD        of the concert on June 1, 2005 in the Philharmonic of Essen trea- sures the wide-ranging musical adven- ture of the collaboration between the Barbara Dennerlein Jazz Trio and the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate under the direction of
Bernd Ruf.

She herself has said: "The convergence
of classical music and jazz that I became acquainted with during my long years
of collaboration with
Friedrich Gulda has
always fascinated
me. The project
"Change Of Pace"
is very dear to me and represents
the fulfillment of a long cherished dream. Even as I composed the titles 'Change of Pace' and 'Pendel der Zeit' (Pendulum of Time), I imagined how terrific it would be to perform these pieces

with a philharmonic orchestra.
The freedom in a jazz formation to                  improvise combined with
the unbelievably rich sound of an orchestra playing from a score is extremely exciting to me. It was indeed a great experience and a challenge for me, though I must admit that first and foremost it was fun. That is also my appeal to the listener: Don't over-think things, but have fun with challenging music!"

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