CD "Best Of Blues:
Through The Years"

CD & DVD "My Moments"
CD & LP "Christmas Soul"
Live LP "Studiokonzert"
Shorokhov Watch "barbara"
Sheet Music "Bebabaloo -
My Favorite Songs"

Live CD "Spiritual
Movement No. 3"

Live DVD "I Love Mozart And
I Love Barbara"

Trio Live CD "Bebabaloo"
Church Organ CD "Spiritual Movement No. 2"
Orchestra CD "Change Of Pace"
Sampler CD "The Best Of..."
Duo Live CD "It's Magic"
Solo CD "In A Silent Mood"

Giving free rein to creativity. Writing compositions and arrangements that follow the de-
mands of music, not the budget. Producing without compromises. And working together
with musicians that belong to the crème de la crème on the international jazz scene.

This is how the three CD
 albums for Verve/Universal
  have been recorded in New
   York,and they all received
     Jazz awards:
Take Off !

"With these recordings one of
my musical dreams came true:
my very own music, played by
myself and my personal
"dream team"."

"Honesty, integrity and freedom: these, I'm
  convinced, are the pillars in music that people
  are touched by. Music that you produce as a
    free and improvisational artist has this quality,
      whether it's on a stage, in the studio or
        amongst friends in private."

For this CD Barbara Dennerlein
      selected the best of these

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