CD "Best Of Blues:
Through The Years"

CD & DVD "My Moments"
CD & LP "Christmas Soul"
Live LP "Studiokonzert"
Shorokhov Watch "barbara"
Sheet Music "Bebabaloo -
My Favorite Songs"

Live CD "Spiritual
Movement No. 3"

Live DVD "I Love Mozart And
I Love Barbara"

Trio Live CD "Bebabaloo"
Church Organ CD "Spiritual Movement No. 2"
Orchestra CD "Change Of Pace"
Sampler CD "The Best Of..."
Duo Live CD "It's Magic"
Solo CD "In A Silent Mood"

Music is like a jewel, presenting us numerous
precious moments - moments of happiness
and infinite joy, love and freedom.

Let me take you into the exciting world of
pipes and tonewheels to enjoy the spirit of
the mighty pipe organ and her sister, the
soulful Hammond organ.

Take a moment, sit down, relax and listen,
and be happy.

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