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Through The Years"

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Shorokhov Watch "barbara"
Sheet Music "Bebabaloo -
My Favorite Songs"

Live CD "Spiritual
Movement No. 3"

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I Love Barbara"

Trio Live CD "Bebabaloo"
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Orchestra CD "Change Of Pace"
Sampler CD "The Best Of..."
Duo Live CD "It's Magic"
Solo CD "In A Silent Mood"

3-dimensional keys and a clef as relief on the dial - this
avant-garde design creates musical feelings and
attracts any fan of sophisticated music, art
and watch enthusiast around the world.

The watch "barbara", hand-made by
Alexander Shorokhov Manufactury,
received the German Design Award
"Special Mention 2016"
for its
outstanding design.

Shorokhov pays his respect to one of
the greatest temporary female Jazz
musicians: "Barbara's avant-garde music
has captured me. I created a watch with
organ keys around a clef. This remarkable
design corresponds to the work of this unique artist."

The hand-made automatic watch is strictly limited
and also available through Barbara Dennerlein.

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